cycling across america to find purpose

Across America

This is it – the longest bicycle trip at Venture.

This 8-week expedition brings you from the bustling streets of Seattle, Washington to New York City, NY, where you’ll dip your tire into the Atlantic Ocean after biking through 13 states, traveling over 4,000 miles, and pedaling up more than 60,000 feet.

This ride isn’t just about an epic adventure, however. With a strong focus on biblical justice and discipleship, you and your team will study, learn, reflect, and wrestle together on some of life’s most important and pressing questions: Who am I? Who is God? How might I respond to suffering and injustice in the world?


_mwl GT _ signed up for the  2018 expedition, with blood water mission to raise funds for 1000 wells project.  Read his reflections here

February 20, 2019