directing communication & music for African Crossroads 2020 Hybrid Gathering

Appointed to be the Communication & Music Lead of the 2020 virtual gathering.

The 2020 Edition brings a unique experience to African Crossroads. For the first time in 3 years, members of this network will experience what it feels to be borderless, to come together from across Africa and diaspora, and to reimagine what it feels to be united. Under the theme of “Re-imagining the pan-African dream – reflecting on the past, experiencing the present and imagining the future”, the 2020 hybrid edition will be held on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of December. It balances an online and offline program of workshops, discussions, instalations, augmented reality, live performances, and virtual exhibitions, with a complimentary “Bira” performance from our guest of Honor, Thomas Mapfumo. “We all want a United Africa, united not only in our concept of what unity can connote, but united in our common desire to move forward together and dealing with all the problems that can best be solved only on a continental basis.” _Kwame Nkrumah, 1963

The deployment of the communications strategy will position the African Crossroads initiative within other strategic frameworks on the continent (eg the Agenda 2063 of the African Union) and aligning with like-minded initiatives such  Africa No filter, Africans Rising, Positively African.

The Sound and Culture Cluster will use sound in the digital space to connect the culture and struggles of young people across the continent – Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya etc – where music is powering protest and healing. 

November 29, 2020