prototyping the Shoejaa Shoe with Creatives Garage

While working as the Policy Officer at the Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, one of the social innovation projects that we worked on together with the Creatives Garage was the shoejaa shoe Project.


‘Shoejaa’ is a shoe project by Creatives Garage. The name ‘Shoejaa’ comes from two words: Shoe (footwear) and Shujaa (meaning courageous/brave.) The name was coined to depict Kenya’s country folk patriotism and admiration for our land, our traditional heritage and the steps we took to arrive at where we stand today.

The shoes are designed by a select number of creatives from our large multi-disciplinary database and represent some of Kenya’s national heroes that shaped our country and contributed to Kenya’s rich history such us, Mekatilili Wa Menza, Nabongo Mumia and Wangu Wa Makeri among many others. The shoes are made from genuine high-quality leather and the sole from rubber. The overall result is a shoe influenced by our dynamic ethnicity that we are proud to be a part of.

February 20, 2019