what design can do – clean energy challenge



While we eagerly await political revolutions and technological breakthroughs, design can help accelerate the transition by supporting activism, by scaling existing technologies and by challenging the status quo. For example, designers can help mobilise people to become activists through persuasive communication and services that bring people together. And designers can help spread technologies and existing initiatives by making these more attractive, desirable, affordable or accessible.

Designers can also help to reframe energy: how we use existing forms of energy, where we get it from, how we distribute it, how much energy we need, what we use it for and and how we can utilise naturally occurring forms of energy such as light, heat, gravity, water and even our own kinetic energy (e.g cycling or using the stairs).

Design can make a big difference in many ways. In 5 detailed briefs, we have brought together the most pressing issues in the 5 cities with existing efforts, creating 5 great opportunities for you to show what design can do.

July 2, 2018