_mwalimu GT.

thinker - teacher - communicator - innovator


Welcome to the desk of _mwalimu. Gregg Tendwa;

I am a developer of creative solutions for our changing world.  I am on a mission to reduce inequality – poverty and injustice – together with like-minded partners from the African continent and the diaspora. I contribute to sustainable development through Education, Arts, Culture, Technology, Media & Policy Engagement.

I believe that indigenous knowledge and expertise, coupled with creativity, innovation and enterprise development can change the destiny of the African people. I explore projects that demonstrate disruptive innovation anchored in African intellectual traditions.

Karibu (welcome) scroll through, and let me know if we can work on something!

_mwlm GT.


A guru of communications for development, _mwlm GT. has built a reputable career in the use of applied Arts, Culture, Technology, Media & Policy Engagement for social change and community development in East Africa.

Social Innovation

A restless innovator, design thinker, creator and strategist, _mwlm GT. is constantly rethinking and teaching about solutions for diverse social challenges and priorities of the local and international development agenda.


A prolific producer of music, film, fashion and photography projects, _mwlm GT is a serious investor in the cultural and creative economy of East Africa. He is the engine of Bengatronics Sound System and Santuri East Africa.

Where do I make a difference?

Project Design

Strategist; Conceptualisation and deployment of blueprints for development projects

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization

Strategic Comms

Director: Brand development & deployment, campaigning & crisis communications management.

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization

Multi Media Production

Executive Producer; multimedia productions in music, film and fashion.

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization

Digital Media

Strategist; Digital media development, production, and evaluation.

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization


Facilitator; Curriculum development, training and evaluation of young people and adults.

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization


Connector; of art to embrace political intention, making political action more creative.

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization

How do I make a difference?

Design Thinking is at the heart of my approach to innovating solutions for social change. I believe that creativity is in all of us. It is the most potent transformative tool that we have at our disposal as humanity. It can change our lives and transform the world. With that understanding, I apply Human Centred Design - we begin from the basics, from what people know, think and do. We add some cultural exchange and intergenerational dialogue. Together, we generate knowledge, skills, tools and products that cause people to get off the path of least resistance, to rethink their environment and take risks. To push boundaries. We pursue incremental learning & continuous improvement to deliver new and scalable solutions. That is my model of sustainable development, and it works magic!

Unique Value

A multitalented social designer & strategist who brings forth experience, expertise and networks - gained from a decade of working across continents and cultures while solving diverse sociocultural challenges. I bring to every assignment the ability to navigate and build complex relationships between artists, media, techies, government, diplomats, corporate and civil society partners. I have registered as much success and failure, and I bring that honesty to every new project.


ENFP – Extraversion – Intuition – Feeling – Perception

ENFPs are incredibly energetic people that are known for being adventurous, flexible, spontaneous, imaginative, enthusiastic, and friendly.

_words that describe this personality_

strong, selfless, very independent,
enthusiastic, versatile, charming,
spontaneous, free spirit,
outgoing, open-minded and fun
creative, unique, great people skills,
ambitious, able to motivate others,
good with people, excels at motivating others
with an infectious energy that motivates
able to inspire, charming, warm, likeable
great people skills,
have a way with words,
loves to speak their mind
enjoy building brand loyalty with audiences

interest in exploring many different careers
wear many hats throughout their life

value time alone

successful in leadership roles in mission based orgs

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